Our Expertise

We enable Modern Enterprise IT Transformations through Advisory, Consulting and Training Services. Our hands-on expertise and Research feed in to our Advisory Services.

  • Cloud Platforms

    We have extensive expertise in multiple cloud platforms, both Private (OpenStack, VmWare, CloudFoundry) and Public (AWS, Azure).
  • Containers

    Dazed about Containers? Need help separating Hype from Reality? We can help
  • DevOps

    We help you embrace and enable DevOps in your org.
  • Micro Services

Interested in adopting Modern Enterprise IT?

We can help!

Our Representative Projects

Our clients range from nimble startups to medium sized companies to large enterprises.

Advisory Services

Competitive Analysis; Strategy

Private Cloud Deployments

Niche Events

OpenStack Day Seattle

About Us

We are a strategic Advisory firm enabling Modern Enterprise IT Transformations. Please contact us at info@clouddon.com for any of the services below.


We offer Strategic Advisory Services to Cloud Services Startups/ Vendors, Tech Investors and Clients.


Our Consulting Services include assisting with Cloud Deployments, Cloud Migrations, Containerization and enabling DevOps.


Open Cloud (OpenStack, Cloud Foundry), Containers, DevOps and Micro Services.

Strategic Research

We constantly look ahead in to the areas of strategic importance and publish periodic reports.

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  1. Kim Crosby says:

    For the attention of Sriram Subramanian: I see that you are due to attend OpenStack Summit, Austin, week commencing Mon 25 Apr 2016. Please advise if you would wish to meet with the Canonical team when there. Thank you Kim (canonical.com)

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